How to wash fruits and vegetables amid a coronavirus pandemic -

How to wash fruits and vegetables amid a coronavirus pandemic -

How to wash fruits and vegetables amid a coronavirus pandemic -

How to wash fruits and vegetables amid a coronavirus pandemic - 

Today, maintaining cleanliness is the key to living a healthy life. The coronavirus epidemic is a rather frightening pandemic for some people which is very unhealthy for people who do not maintain cleanliness, even once choosing food. to stop the transmission of various viruses and bacteria in food, we tend to be careful in choosing foods that are sold in stores. in addition to protecting yourself and your family, choosing foods that make sense also helps everyone to stay healthy.

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To prevent cross contamination, between you and every food you get is to continually wash your hands after handling raw food, whether each food item is treated poorly or not. Maybe you should store raw and prepared foods separately, so fast foods are not contaminated with these raw foods. Then, also store large meat at the bottom which will be coated with ice cubes so that it cannot drip into different foods or underneath.


Always use special boards for raw and ready-to-eat foods or maybe meat and vegetables, or wash them carefully between making different types of food because it will make you able to protect yourself from viruses and diseases. continue to clean different knives and utensils, both for vegetables and meat, even when treating them with raw food. don't just wash meat or poultry because the harmful bacteria contained in the meat will die with careful preparation, and therefore bad washing results can sprinkle harmful bacteria around the area, making your area unhealthy.


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You must continue to ensure that the food you consume is usually safe, healthy, and clean by paying attention to several things. after you prepare food, it is necessary to continue washing your hands for twenty seconds with soap and soap before and once handling the latest merchandise, this aims to kill or eliminate the bacteria contained in your food, so that it has controls that keep you from being exposed to bacteria that stick to on food.


Always make sure to clean your area and additional instrumentation such as knives, preparation instrumentation, and cutting boards before starting and going through preparation. in addition, separate merchandise, poultry, meat, food and eggs while you cook to avoid cross contamination. To be able to kill viruses and bacteria, cook food at the appropriate internal temperature and check whether the food is outside the temperature zone (40 ° - 100 ° F) for a very long time, according to the amount of maturity of the food you cook. Refrigerate and freeze food properly within two hours to clearly stop the enlargement of dangerous pathogens.

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When you buy a product, be careful to always check before buying. it implies that the item you get is not in a very damaged and unhealthy condition. Damaged foods can carry enough bacteria so that it is not good for health. Before you start cutting food ingredients, make sure all raw materials are washed properly, not vice versa. If all the ingredients are square and clean, then you can separate them into food that will be roasted and can be stored. ensure that the nutrients you store in large quantities in clean hygiene are very safe from bacteria.


If you want a lot of vegetable improvement, maybe you want to pay attention to food recommendations from Harold McGee in his book "On Food and Cooking": Therefore "Soap water and commercial sized laundry sizes are far more reasonable than washing water that can reduce the population of microorganisms 100 times, but it is inconceivable to get rid of all microbes from raw lettuce and completely different merchandise - they will avoid water that is highly chlorinated by activity in microscopic pores and cracks in plant structures, so it is advisable for those who are vulnerable to fruit and vegetable infections when cut, it must be stored in the refrigerator and used for use."


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How? already understand how to wash fruits and vegetables to avoid bacteria?


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