How to clean tupperware properly for human health –

how to clean tupperware properly for human health –

how to clean tupperware properly for human health – start go healthy

how to clean tupperware properly for human health –

Okay, now we will discuss how to clean tupperware that is good and right, because we often find our tupperware that has been washed and will be used but instead smells bad and sometimes there are still traces of dirt that may still be attached to our Tupperware. Surely this becomes very uncomfortable and also not wearing because we have rushed to the office or to school but instead found Tupperware in an unclean and smelly state.

Then, how to clean tupperware that is good and right? The fix is ​​very easy, just mix baking soda with warm water, then rub it all over the container. Leave for about a day, then wash again with soapy water until clean. Your Tupperware collection will return to the fresh flavor. How very easy is not it? You only need to pay attention to a few small things that you might not do in everyday life. Easy not to clean Tupperware?

how to clean old Tupperware and remove smells from tupperware? For old Tupperware cleaning, you can clean it the way you usually do every day, that is
      Orange / Lemon, this fruit is capable of cleaning Tupperware and even eliminates odor in Tupperware
      The tea leaves are dry, you can use this material by putting it in then leave it for 1 night
      Vinegar, put 3 drops of vinegar in the bottle then let stand a maximum of 1 hour
      Newspaper, do you like to read the newspaper? Do you have used newspapers? Don't throw it away, it helps you clean Tupperware.
      Baking soda, one of the most useful ingredients that is able to clean old Tupperware and remove smells from Tupperware.
Some materials that can help how to clean old containers and containers
remove smell from Tupperware. Very easy and also simple right?

But we will also discuss how to cleanup Tupperware with baking soda and
how to sterilize Tupperware. Baking soda turns out to have many benefits and uses, baking soda is often used to soften hard meat, remove clothes stains, and this time we can use it to remove stains and odors on your Tupperware bottles.

Then How to clean Tupperware with baking soda?
      Sprinkle baking soda into a Tupperware bottle
      Rub baking soda using a cloth or wet cloth to remove stains on the bottle
      Wash bottles thoroughly
      Rinse the bottle with clean water
Quite easy and simple isn't it the way to clean Tupperware with baking soda? Maybe you need to buy lots of baking soda from now on to clean all your home or kitchen utensils.

Baking soda can also be used to sterilize your Tupperware bottles, then how to sterilize Tupperware? Here are some ways you can do it,
      Add water, baking soda and dishwashing soap.
      Shake until all ingredients are mixed and let stand 1 night.
      After 1 night, remove the liquid and rinse with warm water.
      Wash the bottle again with dishwashing soap.
      Rinse with clean water until it is completely clean.
      Leave Tupperware on his stomach.
This sterilization is intended for cleaning Tupperware that has not been used for a long time or has not been washed so that your bottle stays clean and hygienic.

Can tupperware bottle can put hot water?
Many people sometimes often put hot water into a bottle, even though this is not recommended even though Tupperware is designed to withstand heat, however no matter how good your Tupperware bottle is, when you put hot water in it will definitely cause chemical reactions that may occur and are dangerous for your health.

Then how about tips and best way to clean Tupperware? The following are tips for keeping your Tupperware durable.
      Do not put hot water directly into the bottle
      Clean with a towel or a soft sponge
      Do not soak for too long
      Do not put it in the microwave
      Do not insert items that are colored and smell strong
      Do not dry in the hot sun
      Store in a safe and clean place
      Use bottles only for drinks

Those are some ways and tips so that your Tupperware is in good condition and also hygienic, how? Not easy enough to protect your tupperware. 

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