About Physical Therapy : Questions and Answers - startgohealthy.com

About Physical Therapy: Questions and Answers - startgohealthy.com

About Physical Therapy: Questions and Answers - startgohealthy.com

About Physical Therapy: Questions and Answers - startgohealthy.com

Who Are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapy is a highly educated person, a person who has a good skill in the health world that is professionally able to help patients reduce pain and improve their movements to keep moving. Physical therapy is also a task to teach patients to keep away from any form of dangerous things or can hurt the patient so they are able to keep themselves for a long time until they recover.


A physical therapist is also responsible for conducting private training, curing, learning, sports, health checkups, and rehabilitation. He must also obtain a special education degree for physical therapy and also has a special certificate that signifies he is a professional. When becoming a Physical Therapy student must complete a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) or Doctorate (Physical Therapy (DPT) education before taking a certification exam. Usually, students complete their 3-year study period required to make a study of physical therapy programs used as one of the requirements for graduation.


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The goal of physical therapy is to petrify the patient back actively in his life as soon as possible. Learning about patience is very important and mandatory because with patience they will know how their spine works, proper body mechanics, the benefits of good posture, the importance of physical fitness and disease prevention it is in need of high patience.

What does the physical therapist do?


About Physical Therapy: Questions and Answers - startgohealthy.com

Then what does physical therapy do? They will help patients to live their days like normal human beings even with extra and frequent supervision. They will talk to the patient and evaluate the patient's condition, muscle strength, cardiovascular function, reflexes, and functional skills. Physical therapy will always see the progress of the patient so that he knows the progress and steps that must be taken for the next stage. Thus all patients will be handled properly and correctly. In general, patients will feel better after they follow all types of exercises performed.

In addition, physical therapy also performs checks before, during, and after therapy, recording, and reporting. Helping the patient to do certain work that can help him get better. Train the patient with various exercise techniques to make the patient not bored. Using equipment that can help and support the exercise is even better like a walking supporter. Then also give education to patients and families about what to do after doing the treatment.


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Then for a physical therapy assistant, he works according to the command of physical therapy such as massage, gait, balance training, and other therapy. In addition, an assistant usually also cleans the treatment area and prepares the equipment to be used for learning, cleaning lines, helping the patient walk during therapy, and also answering the phone and setting up a patient's learning schedule.

What does Physical Therapists Earn?

In the United States, more than 200,000 physical therapies have been licensed. It means they can work according to the field. The average annual salary for being a physical therapist is $ 85,000. The salary includes position, experience, education level, work location, and practice schedule. That is the data released by APTA in 2013.


Then for data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015, for a physical therapy earning an annual salary of $ 85,790 where the need for physical therapy will continue to increase by 20% by 34%.


This is certainly very good for everyone who wants a career as physical therapy. There is no easy job and no work that does not bear the risk. All have risks each and every place.


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