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Bodybuilding Nutrition Guides -

Bodybuilding Nutrition Guides -

Bodybuilding Nutrition Guides -

The nutrition required by the body varies and varies, but of all the necessary nutrients there are some things to watch out for to get perfect results. To get maximum results there are several pillars of nutrition that must be considered that is :

We eat six times a day, its function is to keep your body awake from unacceptable nutritional intake. By eating some snacks and done more often it will be able to make your sugar levels more controllable and the metabolism in the body can stimulate to produce new muscles to grow.

Restricting processed or fast food, it aims to throw all foods that are not feasible so as not to enter the body whether it is high-calorie, high fat and so on.

Keeping body fluids stable, it aims to maintain the balance of the body so as not to lack fluids. By drinking water, not soda or alcohol, it will have a good effect on the body. Avoid drinks with high sugar fiber that can bend the waist

A balanced carbohydrate intake, carbohydrates can be obtained from flour, bread or pasta. Other intake can also be obtained from fruits, vegetables and grains that have higher fiber and can increase blood sugar gradually

Proteins, proteins are useful to maximize muscle growth and stimulate the release of fat-burning hormones that make muscles more compelling. Some types of foods that have the best protein content of lean beef, chicken, fish and also milk with low fat content and soy. If you want to meet the needs of proteins can easily use a protein that has been packaged in powder form for protein easily digested by the body.

Once we know about what foods should be consumed and cared for by us, then surely we will ask when should we eat, or the best time to eat. The best advice for a bodybuilder is to eat the right protein-based foods every two or three hours to keep our bodies in the right mix of nutrients throughout the day. But sometimes, it's not very comfortable for everyone. So how to solve it? Some people sometimes bring food containers as a provision for them to be able to eat whenever they want.


There is a certain time where the body will get the most appropriate nutrition at breakfast. In the morning, the body may not receive food intake for almost 8 to 9 hours, so the body will spend all the energy gained in the last burning food. This is certainly not good because the body will destroy the energy contained in your muscles to be able to perform activities as before. With breakfast then the intake of energy will be maintained and better.

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In addition you should also consider that the calories you eat every day should be balanced so that no mistakes in the body of nutritional doses. Some things that may help you to be able to calculate how many calories you should eat every day. Here's the review.

If you are a beginner then set a target for a dose of 2500 calories, 220 grams of carbohydrates, 220 grams of protein and 85 grams of fat. With food sources as follows Yogurt 5.5 cups, raspberries 0.5 cups, 0.3 cups granola and 3 eggs. For a beginner it is very sufficient considering the portion of exercise for exercise as well as for food must be balanced then it is worth noting that good planning will produce good results as well. Good luck and good luck.

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