How To Protect Your Body From Body Odor -

How To Protect Your Body From Body Odor  -

How To Protect Your Body From Body Odor  -

How To Protect Your Body From Body Odor  -
Start Go Healthy – Body odor is an annoyance for everyone that experience. In this condition, someone possibly has a nickname that is slovenly and so dirty. In a general way, body odor had been by teenagers.
That happens cause in the body gland of human eject sweat more, what happens? Your body will eject sweat more and eject body odor because of your excessive movement. For example, if you do does carry out some activity. That is will produce sweat more and possible mix with bacterial so that will make your body odor.
IF you following the step below, you’ll find how to deodorize your body odor in a natural.
  • Use Beluntas Leaf – These plants able to reduce body odor because the aroma of these leaves does fresh and unique. How it works? Just eat the leaves with food.
  • Use Clove – This spice is so useful for healthy because able to reduce body odor of humans. So how it works for your body, so simple, Boil the spice with water until the spice developing and then drink the boiling water of this spice.
  • Use Basil Leaves – This leave also make your body so fresh and healthy. How you can use these leaves? Just eat with food.
  • Use betel Leaves – Pick some leaves for boiling with water and wait until the water change as the leaves, and then just drink the water. If you are not enough to drink it, you can add some sugar or milk.

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