Benefit Of Calcium For Human Health and Human Growth -

Benefit Of Calcium For Human Health and Human Growth  -
Benefit Of Calcium For Human Health and Human Growth  -

Benefit Of Calcium For Human Health and Human Growth  -
Start Go Healthy – Calcium is mineral micro that is mineral which so useful for your body more than 100 mg every day. The function of calcium is to help human bond and teeth to grow. If your body caught sort of calcium you will have annoyed for your growth.

At this time calcium so easy to find it because many supplements that are calcium supplement, but whether it is good for you? Natural Calcium can be found a pass through food material, for example, milk and fruit. Milk and fruit are two of a lot of food material which has a lot of calcium. The fruit has calcium but so little approximately 1 until 9 percent.

What is the benefit of Calcium for your health? That is normally your blood pressure, relax your muscle, keep your body liquid balance, prevent osteoporosis, go down intestines cancer risk, activate your neural, coping with the complaint at menopause and menstruations, coping with dry and cracked of your skin foot and skin hand, recover your sex enthusiasm, prevent you from teeth bleeding, smoothen your blood circulation, prevent you from a heart attack, activate your pancreas and prevent you from backache.

Calcium can be found in some fruit and food, so check below and you will know where you can find this item.
  • Banana – Banana is a fruit that so easy to find it. This fruit is no familiar with seasonal, so find it now.
  • Quinoa – Plants serealea which during this time became a staple food for them in Andes Rock, South American. In this fruit so good for your health because contains carbohydrate and protein so high, 1 cup of this fruit have approximately 60 – 100 mg calcium.

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  • Almond – In this food also have high calcium that donates 70 – 80 for your body. Another food material is broccoli. In this food have calcium approximately 180 gram, and then kale, in this food have 90 grams of calcium.
  • Sardines – This food is original from the sea so the calcium of this food is so high. This food is able to fill 33 percent of your body requirement. Oatmeal also gives the requirement for your body that is 110 grams.

Very useful information right? Now you can fulfill your calcium requirement from any fruits and food. I hope you can share this, thanks.

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