The truth of alcohol, what is alcohol? - Start Go Healthy

The truth of alcohol, what is alcohol?

The truth of alcohol, what is alcohol? - Start Go Healthy
Often we hear for a question whether alcohol is part of the drug or not? Does alcohol affect both the health of the body and organs in the body or not? Often we ask in such a way to be able to calmly drink alcohol freely, but we do not know whether it is good or not. In contrast to food, when you want to eat something we always look for information on the nutrient content contained in the food so as not to cause disease. Why not with alcohol? While it is clear we know that alcohol is one class of drugs restricted by the use of medical because it can cause damage to organs that will interfere with health and even in some cases can cause death.

Alcohol is a drug, why is that? Because alcohol is included in the depressant class, which means being able to weaken the vital function of a person's organs, such as the brain, results in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an inability to react quickly. In addition, the effect on the brain is most easily seen is able to reduce a person's ability to think rationally and distorts his or her judgment. Although included in the depressant but the dose of alcohol consumed shows the effects that occur in the user.

Alcohol content in a drink consists of several doses, for example wine and beer has 2% - 20% alcohol. Here are some drinks with a variety of alcohol content, beer (2% - 6%), Cider (4% - 8%), Wine (8% - 20%), Tequila (40%), Rum (40%), Brandy (40%), Gin (40% - 47%), Whiskey (40% - 50%) and vodka (40% - 50%).

Other facts indicate that alcohol is a sedative drug. Pure alcohol is colourless, odourless and inflammable fluid. Alcohol is a type of drug that does not contain nutrients for the body and body health. However, alcohol is used for many purposes in everyday life. When we drink alcohol, it will improve a person's mood in the short term, that's why people suddenly change when drinking alcohol because it has a significant impact on someone. The good news of alcohol is after drinking it we will feel very relaxed and comfortable. However, the bad news is that we can not control our own thoughts and opinions, which is why people are incapable of being protected from free sex, fight and become violent.

But do not worry, if we consume alcohol properly and correctly, meaning that the composition is not heavy and only used as a mixture then it will not make a person experience a condition that is feared. The recommended recommendations are, Using pricing strategies, including increasing alcohol taxes. Limiting the number of retail alcohol outlets that sell alcoholic beverages in a given area. Holding alcohol retailers Responsible for the harms caused by illegal alcohol sales to minors or intoxicated patrons (dram shop liability). Restricting access to alcohol by maintaining limits on the days and hours of alcohol retail sales. Consistently enforcing laws against underage drinking and alcohol-impaired driving. Maintaining government controls on alcohol sales (avoiding privatization). Screening and counseling for alcohol misuse. With these recommendations, you will be better and wiser in using or consuming alcohol. What is clear is that your health is better than pleasure for a moment, do not be persuaded with anything when you are invited to drink alcohol with a large enough amount.

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