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Drug Addiction Assessment - Start Go Healthy
Drugs or alcohol is a dangerous item if consumed arbitrarily not according to applicable rules. This is evident from those who use or consume illegal drugs or alcohol is not in accordance with the rules of use recommended by doctors or health workers. The impact is very broad, the most obvious is the behavioral changes and various health problems. Treatment for drugs or alcohol usually starts from the initial symptom examination. The goal is to find out whether the content or influence of alcohol or drugs that exist within you or not. Then how should we check? As a suggestion, go to the checkpoint with professional status, why is that? The difference from professional officers is seen how they treat people, including doctors, nurses, counselors, psychologists, therapists, and social workers. Usually, most people will do an evaluation to you, especially for the convenience of treatment should be done. It will help you receive the right diagnosis and the best possible treatment. Assessments often include questionnaire, physical exams, and self-assessment. Reported from projectknow, here is an example for the question asked by the officer.

Screening tools, such as the National Institute on Drug Use Screening Tool (NIDA), the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test-C (AUDIT-C), or the CAGE assessment may be used. The CAGE assessment asks questions in four specific areas: 3Man thinking, utilizing the CAGE strategy in assessing addiction.

Cutting down on drinking: Have you ever felt you should cut down? , Annoyance because people criticized your drinking: Guilty feelings: Have you ever feel guilty about your drinking ?, Eye-openers: Have you ever felt the need to drink right in the morning?

The doctor or clinic will use information obtained from questions, interviews, physical examination, blood and urine tests to make a diagnosis. The diagnosis will be a reference to whether there is any suspicion of dependence on drugs or not, so it may be applied similar therapy or the other to make you free from it. In addition to checking in clinic or with professional staff, in fact you can also do the inspection itself. Here are some examples of questions that can be used as a reference to get your own diagnosis.

Do you feel you must consume drugs or alcohol to get through your day?

Have you ever sought medical attention because of your drug and alcohol use?

Has your performance at school, work, or home been affected by your drug and alcohol consumption?

Do you constantly think about the next time you will drink alcohol or take drugs?

Have you drinking or interfering with your personal relationships?

Have you suffered from memory loss after using drugs or alcohol?

Do you experience withdrawal symptoms after consuming drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time?

Do you go to extensive lengths to obtain drugs or alcohol?

Do you remain intoxicated for several days at a time?

Do you say or do things while intoxicated that you later regret while sober?

Thus, you can draw your own conclusions as to whether you are experiencing the current condition. If it is indicated then you can’t do all that yourself, then you need help from a professional.

Apart from those few questions, you can also do a screening test. Here is an example of a screening test question. "In the past year, how many times have you used alcohol, tobacco products, prescription medication for nonmedical reasons, or illegal drugs?" Then what to do if the patient has some of the following things:

Had one or more days of heavy drinking in the past year, for information to help assess, advise, and assist at-risk drinkers or patients with alcohol use disorders so that users do not use them again. As much as possible not to drink alcohol anymore. Used any tobacco products in the past year, advise them to quit. Actually there is no reason strong enough why people choose to smoke, because it will damage all the organs of the body. Used illegal drugs or prescription medications for nonmedical one or more times in the past year, give them a full screen. Use the NIDA-Modified ASSIST (NM ASSIST) or another validated screening tool. Did not use in the past year, reinforce patient's behavior and offer continuing support.

Thus you need to know that, every symptom must have a way to overcome it so you do not have to worry, the most important is the intention

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