Cancer Nutrition Vitamin for Human Protection - Start Go Healthy

Cancer Nutrition Vitamin for Human Protection - Start Go Healthy

Cancer Nutrition Vitamin for Human Protection - Start Go Healthy
Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that is no longer a public secret. Cancer occurs due to diet and also daily activities that are too heavy and not scheduled well and do not pay attention to body health or body condition. So it is very easy for cancer to develop due to the weak body condition. Cancer can occur due to pollution and free radicals in unhealthy environments and also too heavy workloads that make the body can not rest well. Therefore, from now on start to pay attention to the health and condition of your body to avoid the things that are not desirable.

Vitamins can be obtained from various sources, such as foods and supplements. But it would be better if the source was obtained from foods that are healthy and fresh, such as fruits and vegetables. But no harm if supplemented with the supplement. Getting nutrients from tablets is not as good as getting them naturally from food. Foods such as fruit and vegetables contain lots of vitamins, such as fiber, minerals and antioxidants. Dietary fibers can help to prevent a riskier bowel cancer, while antioxidants help protect against the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Therefore eating whole foods is best to obtain maximum benefits.

There are many foods that can be consumed that are able to ward off cancer so we can prevent it first. We can consume cruciferous vegetables, is one such food as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and kale. A protective effect has been shown for cancers of the mouth, pharynx, voice box, esophagus, and stomach. Then there is Lycopene, the carotenoid is found in tomato products, such as tomato sauce. Other important sources of lycopene include pink grapefruit, watermelon, and apricots. It may protect against several cancers. These include lung, stomach, prostate, colon, oral, and esophageal cancers.

The body also needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals help essential functions, growth and development and also improve the functioning of the damaged body. It also helps to prevent cancer to grow. In addition, antioxidants prevent the body from radiation-free exposure and also the danger of oxidants and free radicals. Some vitamins that can help prevent cancer are beta carotene, calcium and vitamin D, Folate, multivitamins, selenium, vitamin E and C. Beta carotene is a source of antioxidants, but it does not mean able to protect the body from cancer, but only increase body protection. Beta carotene is found in orange vegetables and fruits, it is one of the nutrients that will be converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A can be obtained from two sources, from animals and plants. But it would be better if obtained from fresh plants, why is that? Because by eating vegetables and fresh fruit will maximize the vitamin absorbed by the body and protected from various harmful substances.

In addition to beta carotene and vitamin A, there is also a function of vitamin C which is also just as good. Vitamin C can be found in many fruits and vegetables. Consumption of vitamin C is able to reduce the risk of cancer by increasing one's body resistance so that the disease will be difficult to enter into a person's body. Then there is vitamin E, is one source of good antioxidants for the body that can be found in seeds, nuts and vegetable oils. Vitamin E can increase the body's ability to ward off cancer.

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