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Breastfeeding Nutrition for Women

Breastfeeding Nutrition for Women - Start Go Healthy
While breastfeeding, a woman needs a lot of nutrition and intake of healthy foods for herself and for her baby. Taking into account the health of the breastfeeding mother is the same as taking care of the health of a baby. Why is that? Because the nutrients obtained by a breastfeeding mother will be passed on to the baby obtained from the milk drunk from her mother. Therefore paying attention to the nutritional intake of a breastfeeding mother is an obligation that must be met always.

Many are asking whether a breast-feeding mother needs many calories? This is one of the most common questions for a nursing mother. A person's caloric needs are determined by how he meets his daily nutritional intake. For nursing mothers, there is no specific dose of how many calories are needed each day to meet the nutrients. The important thing is to eat when hungry because it is a natural sign of the body that the body needs nutritional intake. However, it should be noted that the calories needed by a breastfeeding mother should be calculated intake if she is a problem to maintain weight.

Foods consumed every day should also be noted that how much later affects the amount of breast milk and also the nutrients needed to maintain the health of mothers and infants. Foods for lactating mothers should meet some of the following ingredients to maintain the health of the mother and baby. Fresh vegetables and fruits (preferably those in season) of all types, eaten raw or cooked. The need for vegetables and fruits is very important because it makes the body does not lose fiber and vitamins, so the daily vitamin needs are met.

Different grains (wheat, rice, corn, barley, millet) preferably whole, in various forms, as well as semolina and flour (and products made from them including bread and pasta). This aims to make food variations that are not boring for mothers who are breastfeeding so it will still feel delicious when eating. Protein foods from animal sources (dairy products, eggs, meat and fish) and / or plant sources (lentils, beans, soybeans). Protein becomes one of the nutrients that must be met because it is useful for mother's strength. Small quantities of fats, preferably uncooked, cold-pressed vegetable oils. With a variety of foods are expected to nutritional needs of mothers breastfeeding can be maintained.

For each food group, choose foods that contain the nutrients needed by a breastfeeding mother and baby. Like proteins, vitamins and minerals. As for the various vitamins depending on the selected food when it will be cooked. For a better result is to choose a natural and fresh source of food. It aims to absorb nutrients based on nutrients only, not with other chemicals contained in certain foods so feared would disrupt the health of mother and baby.

Then keep in mind that the consumption of sugar obtained from food should be reduced in any form. Why is that? Added sugar and saturated fat have the potential to increase the weight of uncontrolled breastfeeding mothers and also make the nutrients unbalanced. How to avoid it? Stay away from foods like soft drinks, dessert, fried food, cheese, whole milk, and fatty meats. Choose foods that are low fat and not too sweet that have no added sugar.

When breastfeeding, a mother should also pay attention to fluid intake in her body. Why is that because when after breastfeeding a mother will lose some body fluids so after breastfeeding must be provided drinking water so as not to lack fluids and even nutrients. But it should be noted that when breastfeeding never to drink alcohol or caffeine because it is not good for the body and development of the baby.

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