Breakfast Nutrition for Teens - Start Go Healthy

Breakfast Nutrition for Teens - Start Go Healthy

Breakfast Nutrition for Teens - Start Go Healthy
Breakfast is one of the best meal times for a person after fasting at night or when sleeping. At the time of sleep the body releases energy to replace energy lost during the move. With breakfast we are able to keep our intake in our body and also regulate blood sugar that is used as burning in the body. For some, breakfast may be of little importance, but from now on change such thoughts to make your body better and healthier.

Some say that breakfast is better than lunch. If you can skip lunch, then from now on do not ever miss your breakfast. Why is that? Because the body has run out of energy when the night of rest, then the morning must be filled with food intake is certainly able to provide energy for half a day. In the morning it is hard work for the body to provide nutrients for each part, especially for the brain that must require a lot of energy and nutrients to work optimally when used. This is what may be overlooked by a person or a parent. With breakfast then the child will get more nutrition and maximum performance to receive lessons from the teacher.

Some of the reasons why breakfast is so important to watch and do regularly are excellent for a child's growth. Recharge the lost energy. As mentioned above, breakfast is one of the best ways to replenish lost energy after sleep. With breakfast then our carbohydrate intake will be maintained and improve the performance for the move. We can drink milk or fruit and yogurt in which there are many protein and carbohydrate content. Breakfast is one way to make someone not sleep in class when the lesson.

Improved concentration and better grades. In a study revealed that people who breakfast more able to use brain function because of adequate memory nutrition. So to receive school lessons can be better. What are the benefits? The advantage is that the child will have a better performance than the child who does not eat breakfast. It's not completely understood why, but scientists believe it may be because the breakfast supplies essential nutrients to the nervous system to rev up brain power. So did not rule out that the achievement of a child is also determined by the breakfast that he did every morning.

On the other hand many people are leaving breakfast. Why is that? This happens because of some things, for example when a person does not have time for breakfast, too tired, tired and listless for breakfast in the morning, takes longer to lazy in bed, then no food is eaten at home. This is what makes people lazy to breakfast, whereas with breakfast we are able to keep the body from disease attacks. Some of the consequences caused because we leave breakfast are as follows. Extensive research in Australia and overseas has found, many children who look more heavily through their school days when she does not have breakfast. This happens because the energy intake in the body is not able to meet all the energy needs needed at that time. Leaving breakfast also makes a person become mentally weak because of lazy to make the brain work properly. This is certainly not for growth and development of children. It's been proven that with breakfast we will not be easy to get tired in the activity until lunch comes. So from now on please change your lifestyle by inserting breakfast as one of the important things in your life.

Breakfast does not need a heavy meal, because sometimes a person can not afford to receive a heavy meal in the morning. Therefore it is enough with fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, milk, oatmeal, cereal, low-fat milk and so on. Please adjust to your needs.

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